Mark Your Calendars

Saturday, August 25th, is Basin Sports Factory Range Day.
This isn’t a Gun Show, It’s a Gun Try.
Come out and try a bunch of new guns!
No rental fees, range fees… You only buy the ammo for what you want to try out.
Don’t miss this!

Crusader Contest

I have a couple Crusader Jackets here at Ogre Ranch.  Joe gave them to me to pretty much do with what I want.  Wear them… give them to my kids…

But I think I’ll put them to better use.  Slipstream sales have slacked off… that’s the problem with making a product that the more someone uses, the less they need.

So I am looking for people to start Dealer Programs or to get your local gun dealer to carry Slipstream.  If you can start your local dealer carrying Slipstream, I will send you one of these jackets.  Say, the first 3 will get jackets, and the last one will go into a drawing for those after the first three.