Training on a very limited budget.

First off, we need to lay down that Training is not just going out with your friends or alone and shooting things.  Training has a purpose, so before you do anything, set down a few goals for your training.  What you want to accomplish specifically.

Practice Makes Perfect they say. That's a Start, I say.

At this point, I’m talking about Pistol Training.  Reading through a number of Paperback and Hardbound sources of firearms wisdom, I’ve found one consistent trend.  Going back to a Shooter’s Bible that was printed back in 1958 PIE – Pre Internet Era – I found an article written by a champion competitive shooter.   (He must had had a holster lashed to his Loin Cloth) The article specified that the key to good shooting with a handgun is Trigger Control.  Such a simple thing as how you pull the trigger, effects everything.

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Defensive Pistol Class Update

WEATHER REPORT for SAT MAY 26th Training Has the Potential for Rain Showers.
SLC will be Raining. Uintah Basin, might not be. Regardless… We Will Be Training. Class will Only Be Cancelled if we are having a SEVERE Thunder Storm or active sky to ground lightening.
Bring Warmer Clothes, Layers, and Wet Weather Gear. From Experience – You never know what sort of weather we could have.
I suspect we will have most of the day for good training with little problem.  We might get a little damp late afternoon, but I bet we’ll have great day.

Crusader Weaponry’s Tactical 870 Shotgun

Crusader Weaponry has been in the Shotgun business for awhile now.  This is what we are doing for our customers who demand the absolute best.  We worked on this configuration with leading members of the US military elite.  This gun is now being offered to the American Gun Owner. I am very pleased with these guns, and they are one of my favorite weapons that Crusader offers.  They are not just affordable, but also shockingly effective.  If you can only buy one gun, buy one of these 870’s.  The Shotgun offers a flexible weapon system that is simple to use, rugged, and reliable… and you can engage targets as small as Humming Birds, and as large as a Brontosaurus at ranges out to 200 Yards.

Features include a tuned action with our Slipstream treatment.  Rifle sights for greater precision with slugs over the popular ghost ring option.  Improved spring and follower.  Tac Star Side Saddle for flexibility.

Crusader Wrath 870
Permanent Slipstream Lubrication Treatment

This gun is of course already spoken for.  He’s going to be well pleased with it!  We are offering these shotgun for only 795 USD. If you want one of your own, or have any questions about it, contact Joe at Crusader Weaponry.