Save the Boron for your Laundry.

You know, I hate it when this happens… Got an email from a fellow who’s not alone out there in his quest for a Reliable Weapon:

Surfing through youtube and I came across MadOgre’s video which led me to your video about the permanent slipstream treatment. Very interested in your product.  But first let me give you a brief history of me trying to smooth out my BCG.  I bought a Daniel Defense bcg, great product, but I wanted to make it even better by plating it with nickel boron.  So I sent in my bcg to a company in Michigan in which they plated the bolt carrier, pivot pin and bolt.  They did a great job…but after a couple of hundred rounds through the rifle the bcg started changing colors, almost as if the burnt powder just cooked itself onto the hot bolt and stayed like that permenantly.  Shot a few more hundred round afterwards cleaned my bolt and it seem to have somewhat of a pink-ish or copper spots on the bolt in some areas now.  I contacted the company and they said the color change is normal but not the pink spots and they advised me to send it back.  The companies customer service is great, but i’m done with the company’s cheap work and want my bolt to be completely slippery and clean up to be a breeze.  I need to soak and scrub the heck out of my bcg with a bronze brush. I was hoping to just wipe it off with a towel seeing how its nickel boron plated, but that’s a no go. Well my questions, or wants are, can slipstream permanent coating make my bcg slippery like the POF bcg (which uses NP3 coating and is super slippery) and will cleaning my bcg be a breeze?  Basically can slipstream deliver.  Thank you for your time.

It’s really too bad that people out there are treating their guns with Boron.  To me, this makes about as much sense as rubbing a bar of soap on your gun parts.  Yeah, that’s fine, and that can work for awhile.  But it’s less than ideal.

Crusader Weaponry’s permanent Slipstream treatment, the ST-1 and ST-2, has been independently tested by a third part to last twice as long as other permanent lubrication treatments… detergent based or otherwise.

Note about my Jibe: Borax is the commercial name for a detergent that uses a Boron Compound in their soap.  Boron also has a lot of other industrial uses… none of which are really Lubrication.  Anti-Fungal agent for fiberglass… sure.  Coating your Bolt Carrier Group in your battle rifle… not so much.  Whatever.  Use whatever you like.  It’s your life… and maybe others.