Weatherby’s New Vanguard

I have the utmost respect for Weatherby and their Vanguards.  However I just don’t really care for them.  I’ve sold a ton of them and I’ve shot plenty enough… it’s just not my flavor.

Well, Weatherby had given the Vanguard’s a face lift.  Most noticeable is the new stock.  It looks much better… and it feels much better.  But what I like the most is the accuracy guaranty.  Sub-MOA, something you had to spend extra on with the old Vanguards.

I sold one to a fellow here… a good shooter.  In .223, it was.  The next day he comes back with his target.  Even while adjusting the scope’s magnification, and using off the shelf ammo… 1/2 MOA.  It was still under an inch at 200 yards.  I don’t care who you are, 1/2 MOA out of the box with off the shelf ammo, for 449.99, that is flat out impressive.

I’m not in the market for a new rifle… but I could buy one of these new Vanguards myself.  I really could.

Now, if I wanted to get one of these new rifles… for general hunting of North American Big Game or what have you… I think i’d probably have to take it in good old .270 Winchester.   Accurate round.  Good ballistics.  Hornady’s Custom #8056, 140 grain BTSP Interlock is probably the ideal load for factory ammo.  2940 FPS.  Not too shabby.  That would do the job on dang near everything in North America.

Oh come on, Ruger!

Got a shipment of Rugers in today.  Opened the box for a little SP-101.  I took it out of the bag and picked a target and took aim.  And then I noticed something.  The front sight was orange.

What?  Covered completely in nasty rust.  Come on Ruger!  What the hell?  I’ve seen more and more problems coming from Ruger.

Leupold’s HAMR

I was discussing the new Leupold HAMR with a customer today.  He was considering the Trijicon ACOG, but didn’t like the very short eye relief of the ACOG.   Both are fantastic optics and I have always been, and continue to be a fan of the ACOG.  But the new HAMR is really good.   But if I was to pick just one…  Which one?  After much consideration I have made a choice.

Between the two, I’d have the HAMR.

Reason being, it has better glass, clearer, brighter, and it doesn’t have that right side distortion the ACOG’s have.  And it has better eye relief.  Almost 3 inches instead of one and half with the ACOG.
The battery thing isn’t a real issue because when it’s off, you still have a reticle.  You only need to turn it on when it gets dark.  And come on, how many other things do you have with batteries anyway?  GPS, Radio, Lights, but some guys are going to poo-poo the HAMR because you have a battery for night shooting?  Please.  For better optical clarity, I’ll deal with a once a year battery change.