Timbers are Shivered

I have awesome Sisters-In-Laws… One of them is just a force of nature.  She decided to build a Fort for her kiddies to play in.  She can’t do anything half way.   Check this out.

Yeah, that kinda says everything about the family that I married in to.   They kinda force you to Be Awesome just so you can fit in.   So now, if I want to build a Fort too… the bloody thing is going to have to be the USS NIMITZ with a working Cat system.  Hmmmm.


New Laptop!

Okay, I picked up my new HP Laptop running Widows 7.   It’s a Pavilion dm4 with an i5 processor, 4 gigs ram, huge HD with more gigs than I can count.  I like it.  The keyboard layout is good… just like my old one.  But there is one critical difference.   This thing doesn’t have the scroll section on the touch pad.   Not that this is a deal breaker for me… but I am missing it within seconds of using this machine.    I’m also not hugely impressed with Windows 7.   Too many bloody automated “features” keep popping up.  Well, it’s new, so once it learns my preferences it’s going to stop pestering me.   Just a side note, I’m never doing business with Staples again.  Douches.  And I don’t use that word lightly.    

Okay… so I have the new laptop… have to name it.   The last one was “Hordecaster”, the Netbook is “Orcalite”… so maybe “Hordemancer” for this one.  Meaningless frivalties really, the name… but I like naming things. 

New Videos for the MadOgre Channel on YouTube will be coming SOON!