Deadliest Warrior? Really?

I’m just not buying this “Deadliest Warrior” show.  Pitting the greatest warriors in history against each other… showing the weapons… detailing the strengths… and then drawing the totally wrong conclusions.

Roman Centurion vs. Rajput…. The Centurion was a force of nature.  A man who came up through the ranks of the legion the hard way… by dishing out industrial strength murder at every turn.  And they say he lost to a Whirly bird with a frisbee and a tape measure?  That doesn’t even make sense.

An Apache vs a Gladiator…. The Gladiator lived for single combat, facing his adversary down toe to toe and then ripping his limbs on and force feeding it to him while feeling nothing but the thrill of carnage and roar of the crowds… and they say he lost to a guy who’s main strength was burglary?  Sneaking up on some unsuspecting ranch hand?  That’s laughable.

This show is good entertainment, I’ll give you that.  But even my 3 year old called BS on the show.



Laptop or Rifle?

The Browning X-Bolt .300 WSM showed up.  It’s BEAUTIFUL.  It’s black and sinister, and the Nikon Monarch 3-12 BDC is a perfect match to it.  This is an awesome rifle!  I shouldn’t have looked at it.  I really shouldn’t have looked at it.  I should have taken the box and stood it up in the corner and not looked at it.  Dang it!    Now I wants it, my Precious!

But I need a good laptop.  I have to have it.  I could have all my editing done in no time and I’d be back in to doing videos because I could actually run Sony Vegas again.   Basically, I could get back to work.

But the rifle is so cool.  If Darth Vader was going to go hunting for North American Big Game, this would be the rifle.  It’s Back in Black and all Matte finished with that Duratouch stock which feels awesome… so it radiates Darkness… it’s like the room grows a little darker when you open this up to expose it to air.

I’m banging my head over here…