I’m not Vintage, just Out Dated.

My wife has scolded me because my faded jeans are out dated. “You’re stuck in the 80’s.” She said.
“What are you talking about?”
“Those faded jeans are so 80’s. You need new jeans. Yours are out of style.”
“Fine, I’ll get some new jeans.” After all, last thing an Ogre wants to be is out of style. Actually I just want the whole conversation to go away now. Consent by exasperation.
I buy a pair of new, darker jeans…. and she’s happy about that. She says that they look much better and life goes on. That was a month ago, or so.

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Armchair Quarterback: Mossberg.

As regular readers of MadOgre know, I like to Armchair Quarterback a Gun Company every once in awhile. No company will ever be immune to my examination. I’m in the mood to take a closer look at Mossberg.
The reason being, is that I think Mossberg is a great gun company and I really like some of the guns they make. The 590A1 is a gun I used as my Patrol gun a long time ago and it was truly dependable. The 500 platform has been a workhorse pump action shotgun, second only to the iconic Remington 870. In fact, that’s been a big “Ford vs Chevy” debate for many years now when it comes to shotguns.
Now Mossberg has a fantastic semi-auto tactical gun, the 930 SPX which I have been running for awhile now and it’s been serving me flawlessly. In fact, it’s so good that it’s made me reconsider my whole outlook on a semi-auto shotgun. Congratulations, Mossberg… You have done very well.
Now let’s take a look at your new line up. You have some interesting guns.
Your Blackwater Series looks like a good line up. The 590A1 looks like it’s set up “just right”. The XS sights and the rail on the top. A+ on that one. Having used the 590 series guns extensively, let me tell you what it’s all about in one word. “Rugged”.
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